Tuesday, 19 August 2008

BEWARE: R T Law Solicitors: Professional Negligence

BEWARE: R T Law Solicitors, Kings Norton, Birmingham, investigated by Law Society for Professional Negligence, Fraud and Poor Service.

Professional Negligence:
When a person is in breach of a duty of care in the course of their professional activities, which consequently results in some form of damage to the claimant.


If your solicitor fails to submit vital evidence into Court and the result is that you lose your home and business, that is Professional Negligence.

If your solicitor (your Family Law solicitor) cannot ensure your divorce papers are correct and at the end of all the Court Hearings, which took 2 years and cost £14,000, you still aren't divorced, that is Incompetence.

If your solicitor forges your signature on a Court document, that is Fraud.